Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Looking forward to getting some more sunset photos...

The world has always been fascinated about the beaches of Boracay. The Philippines, being an archipelago, is home to a lot of beaches. I don't know if everyone agrees but the most popular would be the island of Boracay (or "Bora" to Filipinos who have the habit of giving nicknames to places). Just try Google-ing "boracay" and there's about 1.5M searched sites but mostly resort listings. This blog is an attempt to immortalize sunset photographs of the beach. The Philippines is home to a much publicized and hyped Manila Bay sunset, but not much of the orange-filled dusk sky of Boracay. Along with the rest of the romantic world, Filipinos are also obsessed with the moon, stars, and of course the sunset. Many wedding vows have been exchanged using the beach and the sunset as a background.

Here are some photos from Thanksgiving weekend of 2005. Every year, I try to capture as many good photos as I can of the beach.

This site is dedicated to photos and location tips to see the breathtaking Boracay sunset. Please share your comments and your photos.

Book a hotel now. Stay at a nice resort. Don't forget to take photos.